Fashion Photographer: Rankin

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 Fashion Photographer: Rankin

Fashion photographer Rankin was born and raised in Glasgow and studied photography at London College of Printing. Besides being a world renowned photographer, he also started the legendary style and fashion magazine Dazed & Confused with his mate Jefferson Hack.

Although the subject matter of Rankin’s photography range from AD campaign for giants like NIKE and Reebok and Levi’s, and his work includes AD, magazines, radio broadcast, documentary and much more, Rankin is most famously known for his portraits of famous people.

Rankin’s had photographed some of the world’s most famous people, just to name a few: Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Robert Downey Jr., Tricky, Hedi Klum, Kate Moss, David Bowie, Lily Allen, Bjork, The Rolling Stones and eve Queen Elizabeth II, and many more… Check them out!


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