Miley Cyrus Gone Wild With Terry Richardson

miley cyrus gone wild with Terry Richardson

 Miley Cyrus Gone Wild With Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus has obviously gone to outer space or some wonderland when she shocked many at the night of MTV’s VMA Awards. Now she’s done something even crazier with photographer Terry Richardson, who has, in many ways, became a fashion photographer… I prefer the older Terry if I shall say…

Miley Cyrus used to be cute and innocent when she was with Disney’s Hannah Montana, and that image is now all gone down to the drain…  What happened? What happen to this innocent Disney chick?

All of sudden she is blond, she is heavy with makeup, she shaved her hair, she is smoking cigars, she is dancing with her hands grabbing her crutch!  And yet, just when everyone thought they have seen Miley in her wildest form, she shocked everyone again with her latest photo shoot with Terry.  With her tits showing, body suit so tight showing her camel’s toe, licking mirror and topless with black laced stocking!  I just have to give it to her, at least she is daring enough to make a presence and shock the world, better than gone unnoticed~  Check it out!


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