Geek Alert! Super Mario Brothers x Retro Game Characters Crossover

New Super Mario Bros

Geek Alert!  Super Mario Brothers x Retro Game Characters Crossover

Game Designer Exploding Rabbit introduced this amazing Super Mario Crossover, which has several well-known classic retro Nintendo game characters appearing in the game Super Mario Brothers .  Player can select any of the earlier version’s 6 characters, or updated version’s 10 characters.

The selected character can use their own weapon in the game.  The idea is simple, but the fun is endless, my favorite is using Contra and shoot the turtles.  The fun part:  If your selected character eats a mushroom or a star, the character will become better equipped and invisible, same concept as the original Super Mario Brothers, but with a fantastic twist!

How to control the character and navigate:

 * Hit or Z to select

* Use to arrow keys for direction

* Z is for jump

* X is for shooting or attack / also for speeding up if used with arrow key

* S is for special function depending on which character had been selected

There are two versions.  Earlier version has 6 characters to choose from, the newest version has 10, and also featured more function such as multiple players.  Play now and enjoy!


start go button icon red


start go button icon red


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