Geek Alert! Action Figures Come to Live

bruce lee

Geek Alert!  Action Figures Come to Live

When I was little I would with all of the action figures I begged my mom to bought me for hours and hours by myself.  I’d  place them on different objects, bent them, and take them apart.  But this Russian guy is different, he took it to whole new level with these rubber plastic figures.  He instant becomes a legend in my cool geek dictionary.

Russian photographer and action figure geek VSE OK takes classic action figures such Bruce Lee, Spiderman, Hulk, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Joker, and even Al Pacino from The God Father, and place them into all kinds of hilarious, humorous and witty scenarios that will make smile like a kid again!   My favorites among them have to be Bruce Lee doing his infamous 1 inch punch with the fruits and Arnold staring at some real tits.  What’s yours?

( Photo Credit: VSE OK )

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