Confession From a Divorced Man: Things He Wished He Knew..

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Confession From a Divorced Man: Things He Wished He Knew..

This is a confession from a divorced man, if he only knew what he knew today, things would be different…  Here are 20 secrets you must know about marriage: 

Secret 1:  Don’t let Love End After Marriage

Don’t let marriage became a love grave, never stop flirting with your spouse, never stop deliberately creating and cultivating romance. Sounds easy?  But most of us forget to do so… Don’t be lazy and send her flowers, every woman loves flowers!


Secret 2: She shall be the only one with the key to your heart

Women often felt insecure and they have that mood swing like every other day, the only way to keep her from having mood swings and sense of insecurity is to let her know that she is the only one that you love and care about!  The best way to save yourself some trouble pal!  Once she knows that she is your one and only, she will grant you more freedoms!  Put this down in your notebook!


Secret 3: Invite her to fall in love endlessly

Keep the love flame alive and keep it burning!  Take the lead, take control, plan some romantic activities, take her on a romantic journey, in return, you’ll have a secure, happy, loving and lovely wife by your side.


Secret 4: Let her know she is the most beautiful creature in your eyes

Let her know she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes, and as time goes by, as she ages, you never love her any less, tell her and show her that the love you have for her only grows with the hands of time!


Secret 5: You have no right to force her to change

You shall acknowledge her uniqueness, her lifestyle and the way she is.  If you fall in love with her way, stay that way, don’t try to change her.   You wouldn’t enjoy if she forces you to be someone else that you are not, right? Just let her be!


Secret 6:  Control yourself temper

Pleasing you is not your wife’s job, she is not your servant or full-time butler.  Do not bring home your negative energy from work, don’t yell at her or lay your angry fist on her under any circumstances.  Treat her with love and patience, patience is a virtue!  And do not dump your emotional trash onto her, instead, shower her with love and tenderness.


Secret 7:  Let her be herself and in her most comfortable state of mind

When she is down, when she is being hysterical, when she is being paranoid, be patient with her and hold her in your arms.  Women know when they are being annoying, they can’t help it.  But if you treat her right when she is acting that way, she will remember it, and next time when you are being obnoxious she will let is slip.


Secret 8:  Listen to her and give her full attention

Men can only focus on one thing at a time, women knew it fully well, however, women also can’t help to be angry when men let their attention slip while she is talking to him.  Listen to her, listen with your full attention.


Secret 9: Intimacy is the key

Maintain and cultivate the intimacy both emotionally and physically.  Physically intimacy is enough for some men, but certainly far from enough for most women.


Secret 10:  Don’t test her limit

She is not perfect and you are not perfect, sounds fair and square, but however, women also have a tendency to break down emotionally over what men would perceive as small stuff or matter.  Try to understand her, and try to spoil her when she is being purposely obnoxious as she will test your limit from time to time.  Backing down from a hysterical and pointless argument doesn’t make you any less manly, it only makes the man more attractive and irresistible.


Secret 11: Women need space too

Yes!   You heard it right, women do need spaces too!  Chip in some effort to take care of the kids and don’t let her do all the house work, help her do some dishes and do your own laundry.  The marriage requires your effort and mutual efforts.


Secret 12:  Don’t keep any secrets

One thing women hate the most is when her man keep secrets from her.  It ranks on top of her no-no-list!  Be open, be frank and be sincere at all time!


Secrets 13:  Grow with her

Pursuit a better and growing lifestyle with her!  Take lessons, go to concerts, learn new stuff and travel with her.  Women love when men take the lead to show her a world she never knew!  A health relationship is always growing and evolving for the better!


Secret 14:  Don’t talk about money

Never find about money, before marriage, talk it over and set it straight, fair and square.  Fighting about money could well be the number one emotion and love killer in a marriage or relationship.


Secret 15: Don’t fight over night

If you and your wife is having an argument, try your best to talk it over and listen to each other with patience and compassion before hitting the bed.  It is not health to go sleep with negative emotions and feelings to the next morning… Do yourself a favor to talk it out and comfort each other emotionally before you go to sleep.


The Final Secret

Don’t love with reason and logic because that’s not how love work and goes.  Love with your heart and soul, and listen to her heart and pay attention to her feelings.


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